Craig Dyson

Fun Gundog Trainer

Hi my name is Craig Dyson.  I have had dogs all my life.  They have all been gundog breeds such as Labradors and Spaniels.  My passion for dog training was ignited 16 years ago when I took my Chocolate Labrador Jess to some local pet dog classes.

I later became interested in gun dogs and began training my first gun dog a Spaniel called Heath 11 years ago.  Heath was a very strong headed dog and was a massive learning experience for me.

I later purchased Willow a young Springer Spaniel who I trained from scratch and I soon we won a novice trial which subsequently resulted in me running in a variety of open trials and have done so for over 6 years.  During this time I continued to study gun dog training and trained with a variety of trainers in the field trial community.

While working Willow I took on another Springer Spaniel called Darcy.  Little did I know that Darcy was to change the way I looked at gun dog training forever.  After recovering from being poisoned, Darcy now has a brain injury and has proven to be difficult to train using classical gun dog type training methods.

As a result, about 4 years ago I approached Neil from BBK9 who I have known for years through helping with his Police Dog Training.  Neil allowed me to attend and observe his training sessions over a number of months and see for myself how positive reinforcement training could help with Darcy.

Since then I have avidly studied the science behind this form of dog training and as a result I have trained Darcy to a high standard and improved her confidence.  Over the last couple of years the girls and I have assisted BBK9 at public demos to help promote positive reinforcement in gun dog training.

My aim is to bring the joy and excitement of gun dog training to pet dogs and their owners.

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